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With so many people online days, email has become a ubiquitous way to communicate. More than that, an email address has become just about as reliable a way to identify and find someone as a phone number.

After decades of use, odds are you have all kinds of email addresses saved in your contact list that don’t have names attached. An Email Lookup at Search People FREE can help you fill in the blanks, or help you determine if you should actually delete a defunct email address.

Maybe you want to find someone, and all you have is their email address. In addition to a name, an Email Lookup can reveal other information about a person, including their:

  • Full name
  • Age
  • Addresses (current and former)
  • Phone numbers (current and former)
  • Lists of likely relatives and associates
  • Any businesses/corporations the person has owned

In that case, even if the email address doesn’t yield a response from someone, the other contact information means you still have a chance of getting in touch.

Or say you keep getting emails from an unknown email address. An Email Lookup can help you find out right away if the emails are legitimate or spam/scam.

Other Ways to Find People

While an email address can be a great way to initiate a search for a person’s public information, there are several other equally effective places to start at Search People FREE.

One of the most effective options is a People Search by name. As long as you know someone’s first and last name, and a city and state where they’ve lived, you should be able to hone in on the right person quickly and get other corroborating information about them.

You may have just an unknown phone number to work with. If so, a Reverse Phone Lookup can tell you the phone number’s owner (current and past), as well as other contact and relationship information.

Or maybe you’re just curious about a house down the street. Enter the street address, city and state in the search fields of an Address Lookup to find out more about the people who’ve lived at that address, as well as other vital property details.

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