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Curious about who your new neighbors are, or where your old neighbors went? Want to know more about the history behind a property you’re interested in buying?

The Address Lookup at Search People FREE can help you find the essential information you seek. Simply enter the full street address, city and state into the search fields above, and then we take it from there. Our results reveal a list of current and previous tenants of that address, with informational summaries outlining:

  • Full names
  • Ages
  • Other addresses
  • Current and former phone numbers
  • Known relatives
  • Likely associates
  • Professional/business associations

If you would like, you can then click on “More Free Details” to see even more in-depth information about each tenant. Or, you have the option to get more data about the property itself (such as property tax history, estimated value, ownership, etc.) with a full property report.

Other Information to Start a Search

What if you don’t have an address to lookup? No problem. Search People FREE offers a multitude of ways to search for more information about people and places.

Say you have a person’s name but not any of their contact information. A People Search by name (and a city and state where they’ve lived) will pull up person(s) with that name. Addresses, phone numbers and other information can help you to corroborate the right person’s identity.

Perhaps you’ve gotten a lot of calls or texts lately from an unknown phone number. The Reverse Phone Lookup at Search People FREE can help you discover the person or company behind that number, which can help you decide whether you should answer or block them.

Or maybe you have the same thing happening to you via email. If someone keeps emailing you, but you don’t recognize the email address, you can try to find out who’s behind it with a quick Email Lookup.

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